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    Jordan, al-Karak

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    Mutah University in Jordan

    Mutah University in Jordan

    Jordan, al-Karak
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    Established in 1981, Mutah University is a public university located in al-Karak, Jordan. It has a global ranking of 1070 for the year 2024 according to QS World University Rankings’ website.With a broad range of degree programs, it offers a unique academic and culturally immersive experience for international students.

    A Royal Decree was issued to establish Mutah University, the military wing, in 1981, to be the third Jordanian university in the southern region, after the University of Jordan in the central region and Yarmouk University in the northern region. In 1986, a decision was issued by the Higher Education Council to establish the civil wing of the university. The university was completed with its military and civil wings, distinguishing itself from its sister Jordanian universities by being the University of the Sword and the Pen, as there are 6 colleges in the military wing: the College of Police Sciences, the College of Military Sciences, the Princess Muna College of Nursing and Allied Medical Professions, the Royal Jordanian National Defense College, and the College of Leadership. The Royal Staff and Prince Hassan College of Islamic Sciences.

    The university’s area in its main location is (4000) dunams, and the university includes (15) colleges, including (7) scientific colleges, (7) humanities colleges, and the College of Graduate Studies, in addition to two deanships: the Deanship of Scientific Research, the Deanship of Student Affairs, and the Deanship of Academic Affairs/Ward Military, and the university offers (105) academic programs, including (53) programs at the bachelor’s level, a program at the higher diploma level, (42) programs at the master’s level, and (9) programs at the doctoral level.

    The total number of university students for the academic year (2020/2021) reached (19,735) male and female students, including (14,773) students in undergraduate programs, and (2826) students in postgraduate programs, representing (16.06%) of the total university students, and the number of students was not There are (2,136) Jordanian students at the university distributed among (28) Arab, Islamic and foreign countries, representing approximately (8%) of the total university students.

    The number of faculty members at the university reached (626), and the number of students on scholarship and candidates for scholarship until the end of (2019/2020) is (107), of whom (99) are on study, and (8) are candidates for scholarship, and the number of employees is University employees (1786) administrative employees.

    Today, the university is taking confident steps towards continuous improvement to improve its inputs, processes and outputs, deriving its vision from the vision of His Majesty the King (may God protect him), which was addressed in the seventh discussion paper, “Building our human capacity and developing the educational process is the essence of the nation’s renaissance,” in which His Majesty indicated, “We want to see... Our universities are factories for thinking minds, skilled labor, and productive energies.”

    In accordance with its vision and mission, the university seeks to be a competitive university distinguished by leadership in the fields of academic and military education, scientific research and sustainable development of society. By providing a university environment that enhances the leadership and innovation system, supports education capabilities and applied scientific research, and prepares graduates capable of competing in the labor market locally, regionally and globally, to achieve sustainable community development.

    This annual report comes to show the university’s achievements for the academic year (2020/2021) and came in main topics that dealt with: internationalism, accreditation and quality assurance, teaching, scientific research, projects, human and financial resources, management and administrative procedures, infrastructure, and local community service and activities.


    Towards a competitive university, distinguished in pioneering academic and military education, scholarly research and sustainable development of the society.


    Providing a university environment that fosters pioneering and creativity, supports the capacities of education and theoretical as well as applied research, and qualifies graduates able to compete in the job market at the national, regional and international levels for development of sustainable community.


    • Continuous improvement as an implementation approach
    • Active participation
    • Affiliation
    • Pioneering and academic excellence
    • Governance based on transparency and accountability
    • Continuing Education
    • Productive knowledge Industry

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