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    Petra University in Jordan 

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    Petra University in Jordan

    Petra University in Jordan

    Jordan, Amman
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      طريق المطار عمان الأردن صندوق بريد 961343

    About Petra University in Jordan

    Established in 1991, Petra University (UOP) is a private university located in Amman, Jordan.With a broad range of degree programs, it offers a unique academic and culturally immersive experience for international students.

    The University of Petra is located in the West Amman region. The University of Petra campus hosts 8,024 bachelor’s and master’s students in the following colleges:
    Arts and Sciences, Administrative and Financial Sciences, Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, Information Technology, Architecture and Design, Law, Media, and Engineering, and the College of Dentistry.
    The University of Petra is a center for knowledge creation through conducting research, developing skills, applying knowledge to new technologies, and transferring technology.
    Accordingly, the University of Petra takes advantage of its organized and modern campus to direct the minds of young men and women towards new dimensions of thought, philosophy and logic. The University of Petra also provides a wonderful environment for the free expression of thought, dialogue, interactive and blended learning, and research and development facilities. The University of Petra also makes unremitting efforts to develop communication programs aimed at community development, participate in regional and international practical activities, hold meetings with other scholars, and publish research in journals with the aim of finding solutions to social problems, providing new job opportunities, and eliminating poverty.
    In an effort to achieve this, the University of Petra completed the requirements for obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate in the field of management of higher education support services and obtained a quality assurance certificate from the Higher Education Accreditation Commission. In addition, the University of Petra ranked first in the QS classification of Jordanian private universities. The University of Petra is keen to provide quality educational programs and to adapt its curricula to the latest teaching methods and the latest scientific research findings. The University seeks to build bridges of communication and cooperation with the public and private sectors and Jordanian society in general. With the development of e-learning facilities, e-library and high-speed Internet connectivity, the Petra University campus has become a smart campus where students and faculties use knowledge to develop advanced skills in order to improve entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity.​

    ​​​​​​​University Vision:
    The University of Petra seeks to be the best choice for scholars and learners in Jordan and the region.

    ​University Message:
    Our goal:
    To play a vital role in developing the nation, by creating and disseminating knowledge and technology, and preparing graduates who are able to contribute positively to serving their society.

    Our mission:
    To provide a scientific, cultural, and social environment capable of developing opportunities for qualitative learning, creative thought, innovation, and scientific research, developing the skills of its members, enhancing its role in community service, and preparing a graduate capable of learning, thinking critically and creatively, and competing in the labor market.

    University values:

    • Learning for the sake of knowledge.
    • Equal opportunities for learning and excellence.​
    • Learning. How we learn.​​
    • Lifelong learning.​​
    • Respect diversity, pluralism and other opinions.
    • Team work and cooperation.
    • Valuing creativity. And achievement. /ul>

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    Apply Requirements for Petra University in Jordan

    Students with a high school diploma or its equivalent from outside Jordan can enroll in higher education institutions directly through websites of public and private universities or intermediate community colleges based on their averages. Universities implement the credit hours system, which allows students to choose courses according to their study plan.

    Students wishing to enroll in a master's program must hold a bachelor's degree. Furthermore, students who wish to enroll in doctoral programs must hold a master's degree.

    In addition, students wishing to enroll in postgraduate programs are required to provide a certificate confirming their English proficiency level in a TOEFL or IELTS exam. They could also demonstrate a certain proficiency level in French or German. Lastly, they could take an English language exam held by the higher education institution they apply in.

    In the event that the student fails to prove the required level of English, German or French, or fails the English equivalency exam, they may study a qualifying program in English at the university where they undertake additional six credit hours; he/she must score a minimum grade that varies according to their specialization.

    Apply Now for Petra University in Jordan

    Students can apply for admission to a higher education institution in Jordan through the following:

    1. Applying directly to the institution of higher education of their choice. Many higher education institutions in Jordan have online application services or through university service offices; while some institutions accept applications through mail. Each higher education institution determines its own enrollment requirements. Therefore, a prospective student should communicate with the institution they wish to apply to in order to know the specific admission requirements and procedures.
    2. Applying directly through the free on-line application
    3. Communicate with the Directorate of International Student Affairs at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and apply to any higher education institution

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