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    Yarmouk University in Jordan
    Yarmouk University in Jordan

    Yarmouk University in Jordan 


    Jordan, Irbid

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    Yarmouk University in Jordan

    Yarmouk University in Jordan

    Jordan, Irbid
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      +962 2 721 1111
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      [email protected]
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      Irbid - Jordan, P.O Box 566 ZipCode 21163

    About Yarmouk University in Jordan

    Established in 1976, Yarmouk University (YU) is a public university located in Irbid, Jordan. It has a global ranking of 1205 for the year 2024 according to QS World University Rankings’ website.With a broad range of degree programs, it offers a unique academic and culturally immersive experience for international students.

    I am pleased to welcome all of you to Yarmouk University, one of the most prominent and important universities in Jordan. As the president of this prestigious institution, I am proud to share with you our educational strategy, which is the pillar of our success.

    At Yarmouk University, we believe in providing our students with a comprehensive and stimulating education that paves the way for their success in a rapidly changing world. Our strategy is based on the principles of academic excellence, innovation and student-centred learning. We are committed to ensuring the provision of the best educational resources and services to our students, providing them with appropriate facilities, and attracting an elite group of faculty members who have appropriate experience in their fields to achieve an ideal educational environment that guarantees the highest levels of quality according to local and international standards.

    Our educational strategy focuses on creating a comprehensive learning environment that promotes critical thinking, a love of knowledge, and the acquisition of skills. Yarmouk University seeks to provide a comprehensive education that prepares students for their chosen career paths, in addition to instilling in them a spirit of responsibility and social participation.

    Our approach to education is based on inclusivity, interdisciplinarity and diversity, with an emphasis on enhancing creativity, problem-solving and collaboration between different parties in the educational process. We believe that exposing our students to diverse perspectives and experiences will enable us to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a complex, interconnected world.

    In conclusion, I would like to welcome you all back to Yarmouk University, as we are committed to providing an exceptional education that enables our students to achieve their goals. I invite you to explore our campus, meet our faculty, and learn more about our innovative programs and initiatives through our website. Thank you for choosing Yarmouk University as your academic home, and I wish you all the best in your educational journey

    University Vision
    The vision of the university is based on the experiences of forty years of academic excellence that the university has experienced since its establishment in 1976. The vision reflects the desired position of the university by 2020. The vision is based on a correct understanding of the surrounding reality of the university, the challenges it faces and the aspirations of all influential groups affected by the university's activities, In addition to a set of values that distinguish Yarmouk University.

    The Vision
    Pioneering and excellence in the fields of education, scientific research and community service; to put Yarmouk University in a prominent position locally, regionally and globally.

    University Mission
    The message of the University reflects the main reason for the establishment of the University. The message reflects the activities, programs and services that the University seeks to provide and the means by which its vision can be realized.

    The mission
    Developing competencies in various fields of science and knowledge through providing distinguished education and producing of innovative scientific research that serves the community and contributes to building knowledge economy by creating a university environment that stimulates creativity, through freedom of expression and responding to the demands of society and scientific development.

    Values of the University
    The success of the university's strategic plan requires the determination of a set of values that represent the basic premise governing the behavior of all the university's members. However, simply defining these values is not enough to achieve the plan. These values must be constantly strengthened in order to transform them from mere slogans into powerful and influential actions and a solid basis for university-level treatment. Academic excellence is the main focus of the values of the university.

    These values are

    1. Social and Ethical Commitment
    2. Sense of belonging
    3. Global Vision
    4. Comprehensiveness
    5. Quality
    6. Rewarding Outstanding Performance and accountability
    7. Transparency and Academic Freedom
    8. Decentralization
    9. Educated Institution

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