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Education System in Australia

Education System in Australia

Education System in Australia

Published on 10-May-2021

The education system in Australia is considered one of the best educational systems in the world, as it provides a diverse and distinguished educational environment that encourages critical thinking and the development of practical skills. The education system in Australia consists of different stages, from primary education to university and tertiary education. Schools and universities in Australia are distinguished by providing a lively and innovative educational environment, where modern and advanced curricula are applied that focus on developing students’ skills and motivating them for self-learning. In addition, Australia encourages cross-border learning by attracting students from all over the world to join its prestigious and distinguished educational institutions, contributing to the exchange of cultures and promoting global understanding.

The distinguished courses that are in recommendation to study in Australia are:

Business Management, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Medicine, Marketing, Human Relations....among other courses which are having more acceptance among students.
Australian Catholic University which imposes the least tuition fees of about 23,000 dollars a year is one of the lovely universities, followed by Western Sydney University with fees starting from 25,000 dollars a year.

International students studying in Australia will, in the near future, discover that the higher education of their choice is paying off cheerfulness and challenging, as Australia is still friendly, modern and lovely country.
An international student has to find out an institution which is confirmed by CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institution and Courses for Overseas Students) which is administered by the Department of Higher Education of Australian Government.
International students in Australia will study in higher education sector; afterwards, they will attend the Vocational Education sector, the English Language Intensive Courses, or any kind of English Courses (ELICOS).

Instructors are so qualified that they are prime reasons in choosing Australian Universities over other Universities since these universities have a systematic courses that are well- built concentrating on many chosen skills such as: creativity, literacy, critical thinking, analyzing, synthesizing, ethical issues, morals....

In addition, Australia gives a number of programs from which a student can select from 20,000 kinds of courses which are in between hands from over 1,100 institutions; also, it involves the five best student cities in the globe comprising: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.
Australian education has a unique merit that is highly estimated in imposing (AQF) Australian Qualification Framework which specifies the measures of qualifications (higher education, vocational education and training) in order to recognize students’ degrees to be authorized by the government depending on the national policy ratified in 1995.

Following upon AQF, there are 10 scales that link different colleges and universities and teaching institutions in a single local system; which permits to select for better career planning, flexibility for students to transfer from one level of higher education to another so long as students visa requirements are realized. Postgraduate programs are offered in different academic institutions either in universities or private colleges in Australia.

A master degree involves three styles: Master degree (coursework), Master degree (research) and Master degree (extended).
The doctorate level does also have two styles: Research doctorate (PhD) and Professional doctorate. The admission standards at these levels of postgraduates are undoubtedly in need of competition taking into consideration high levels of English language professionalism and the noteworthy academic qualifications.
Nevertheless, Medicine and architecture are, in particular, offered by Australian respected universities.

Education System in Australia FAQs

Yes, many countries allow students who completed their studies and meet the requirements to stay and apply for PSWvisa – Post Study Working Visa.