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Working while Studying in Australia

Working while Studying in Australia

Working while Studying in Australia

Published on 10-May-2021

Working while Studying – Australia

A foreign student can work up to 40 hours every two weeks while he is studying, and for a plenty of hours during off school. A student has all rights of protection in any Australian working place, and a student will be paid, at worst, whatever the job is, the minimum rate.

Having a student visa, a student is supposed to get about 20 dollars per hour, or 800 dollars per 38 hour per a week, while studying for both on-campus and off-campus when registering in a program of full-time study.

However, a student is in need of work experience certificate to get PR – permanent residence - For international students, this choice is almost the only condition recommended to work in Australia.  In having this kind of visa, a student can stay for some time to find out a job without having had experience before, other visas concerning working could be impossible to obtain, whatever students’ fields are.

A foreign student in Australia who wants to work is,undoudbtedly, in need of money to pay for the many expenses, without which a student would find himself paralyzed and unable to proceed forward, so work gives him the ability to be confident, in addition to attaining professionalism that is very important to sheathe his morals and qualifications that will keep growing over time to develop his skills for a future career.  

It is important for any student to keep on revising and studying, but conditions are not the same for each student, how the matter is, a student should keep in mind, firstly, that the university is his first concern, and balancing is very crucial here. So a student has to be always motivated to allocate specific hours for studying.

The office of Ombudsman- Work: is an independent authority that is concerned with protecting workers’ rights; either they are students or labourers. So the office can be reached to give a student every detail about their rights while a student is on part-time work. Be assured that as a worker and a student, help is in place from government and private agencies, and from the education provider as well.

Here are some ideal places for foreign students to work at.

- Hospitality – restaurants, cafes, delivery

- Tutoring

Multiple Services – cleaning, the old care, and child care...

Business Administration, clerics

Fruit- Picking during seasonal periods

Retail work – stores, boutiques, malls, supermarkets, car spare – parts

Also, volunteer work is available for international students, whereby they can discover other cultures when interacting with new people and making new friends. These are Non- Government Organizations which offer hands on – experience to add to students qualifications, and contribute to community. For more information, just follow the web:

If a student likes to stay in Australia after graduation, and desires to work, a new visa is needed before a student’s visa expires. Visit the Department of Home Affairs for more details.