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Student visa & health insurance to Australia

Student visa & health insurance to Australia

Student visa & health insurance to Australia

Published on 10-May-2021

Student visa to study in Australia

Australia student visa requirements are:
  • A Valid passport.
  • Visa application fees.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Certificate of English proficiency.
  • A student has to register for a course to study in Australia.
  • Has to have Overseas Student Health Cover – OSHC.
  • Students in Australia must have eligible visa.

  • International students who achieved their student visa on or after the 1st of February, 2020, and they were unable to finish their course within their previous visa validity because of the spread of COVID - 19 will be allowed to apply for another visa to pursue their study if they:
  • Were unable to return to Australia for travel restrictions.
  • Had to be on a part – time study.

  • But if any student had failed a course or unit and adjourned for personal reasons, or reduced the study load on their own without valuable reasons are not included in this regard. New applications for visa are eligible for fee waived.

    International students can apply for an Australian visa via on – line websites, and they will be allowed to enter Australia as all requirements are fulfilled as soon as restrictions are minimized because of the virus spread through the whole world. If a student visa has expired, they may have to pay for new biometrics, and if students’ medicals were taken within a year, they must be sure that they don’t have to take new ones.

    The student visa covers the program’s full study period, and gives a student the opportunity to stay for five years in line with the date of enrollment. AUD620 is the charge of the application for Australian visa, and the requirement a student needs to prove of being able to cover living expenses is set at AUD 20300; tuition and travel expenses are not included.

    Medical Insurance Cover to study in Australia

    When international students arrive in Australia for the purpose of studying in Australian universities, they have to be covered by medical insurance – OSHC.
    This includes visits of physicians, using ambulances, until it covers a list of multiple services; just you have to check at:
    And a student can visit the Department of Home Affairs website to look for more details.

    Private Health Insurance
    In case a student wants to have a private health insurance to cover services that OSHC doesn’t cover, a student has to select a suitable private coverage to meet the needs. For more details, just click the website below:

    Travel Insurance
    Travel Insurance can be useful and fruitful in any troubles or missed flights, as cancelled flights, lost luggage or tickets, or any issues that are related to travelling, especially when a student is travelling with precious belongings, or an important meeting is on a student’s travel schedule... are incidents that might, undoubtedly, happen. So a student can make urgent preparations with a number of providers such as: companies of travel insurance or travel booking and airlines.

    Home and Contents Insurance
    The belongings: clothes, furniture and different tools, building all of which can be under insurance cover, unless the building is rental as building insurance in this case is the owner’s responsibility.
    Nevertheless, when the contents are precious and couldn’t be easily left without being insured, insurance cover is very important to protect them from any act resulting from ignorance, thefts or natural disasters...

    Car insurance
    When buying a car, it is, then, necessary to search for some providers to look for a suitable car insurance, for car insurance is of multiple types depending on the state you live in, and its natural environment.
    May a student be in need of having compulsory insurance: there is insurance covering injuries caused by accidents; so checking the type of insurance with the respected government agency in different states students living in is something inevitable in finding about convenient one.
    Other types of insurance are necessary for a student to buy like: car damages, theft or accidents of storms or floods. So find about your needs and then decide which one is fine to purchase.