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    Applied Science Private University

    Applied Science Private University in Jordan 

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    Applied Science Private University in Jordan

    Applied Science Private University in Jordan

    Jordan, Amman
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    About Applied Science Private University in Jordan

    Established in 1991, Applied Science Private University (ASU) is a private university located in Amman, Jordan.With a broad range of degree programs, it offers a unique academic and culturally immersive experience for international students.

    ​​ The choice of university is one of the critical decisions in a student’s life as a unique experience. It is not only about books, paper and projects, but mainly about participation and personal development. We, in ASU, offer you a set of B.A. and M.A. programs. Our dedicated teaching and administrative staff provide encouragement and guidance so that students can make the most appropriate choice. Furthermore, there are distinguished facilities, advanced research expertise and non-curricular activities to improve your life and maintain the best return of your time in ASU. We urge you to visit our nice campus to see by yourselves why many bright and talented students have made ASU their top choice.

    Making a distinguished model of innovation in accordance with up-to-date systems, technologies and methods at the service of students, in a bid to become among prominent national and Arab universities.

    Quality and distinction in employing all the potentials and information technology to meet the students' requirements and aspirations in harmony with international standards.


    1. Academic registration and guidance according to systematic methods and technical advancement.
    2. Preparation of new students to life.
    3. Awareness-raising among students about regulations and systems related to study and examinations.
    4. Provision of top academic guidance services to students by using information technology.
    5. The continuing development of approved regulations.
    6. The continuing development of ARD staff's skills.
    7. Careful follow-up on student's academic affairs.

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    Apply Requirements for Applied Science Private University in Jordan

    Students with a high school diploma or its equivalent from outside Jordan can enroll in higher education institutions directly through websites of public and private universities or intermediate community colleges based on their averages. Universities implement the credit hours system, which allows students to choose courses according to their study plan.

    Students wishing to enroll in a master's program must hold a bachelor's degree. Furthermore, students who wish to enroll in doctoral programs must hold a master's degree.

    In addition, students wishing to enroll in postgraduate programs are required to provide a certificate confirming their English proficiency level in a TOEFL or IELTS exam. They could also demonstrate a certain proficiency level in French or German. Lastly, they could take an English language exam held by the higher education institution they apply in.

    In the event that the student fails to prove the required level of English, German or French, or fails the English equivalency exam, they may study a qualifying program in English at the university where they undertake additional six credit hours; he/she must score a minimum grade that varies according to their specialization.

    Apply Now for Applied Science Private University in Jordan

    Students can apply for admission to a higher education institution in Jordan through the following:

    1. Applying directly to the institution of higher education of their choice. Many higher education institutions in Jordan have online application services or through university service offices; while some institutions accept applications through mail. Each higher education institution determines its own enrollment requirements. Therefore, a prospective student should communicate with the institution they wish to apply to in order to know the specific admission requirements and procedures.
    2. Applying directly through the free on-line application
    3. Communicate with the Directorate of International Student Affairs at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and apply to any higher education institution

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