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Student visa and Health insurance to study in Jordan

Student visa and Health insurance to study in Jordan

Student visa and Health insurance to study in Jordan

Published on 23-Jun-2021

Applying for the student visa to study in Jordan

Conditions and requirements for studying in Jordan

  • Obtain a seat at a Jordanian university
  • Visit the embassy or consulate of Jordan to fill and sign the application
  • Receive the student visa from the embassy or consulate of Jordan in 14 days

Requirements to apply 

Valid passport- it should be valid for six months after the expected departure date from Jordan.

Foreign students have to be in good health conditions before entering Jordan by being vaccinated within valid times.

Foreign students from Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Syria, UAE, Vatican and Yemen are not in need to get a visa to enter Jordan.

Health Insurance

Universities in Jordan provide good health insurance for foreign students, but it may be somewhat expensive; international students can purchase a health insurance policy from any company in the country provided that it copes with minimum requirements of the concerned university.

The cost of medical health insurance is lower than many other countries’ health insurance around the world, as foreign students pays between $300 – 700 based on the type of medical insurance purchased in covering different issues of treatment.

A visit to any doctor in Jordan will cost between $15-25. The country of Jordan is one of the most highly appreciated destinations for medical tourism in the Middle East and North Africa.

The doctors are well equipped with the up- to- date experience besides having clinics that have well-developed instruments. Public health insurance is not available for foreign students, so it is essential for them to purchase private health insurance of a suitable type. 

Foreign students should choose medical health insurance that is comprehensive, so that it can cover their main treatment while studying in Jordan and when living outside Amman, they should opt for a medical insurance policy including emergency transport to Amman.

Upon entering in emergency cases, the treatment will be free so long as the patient is not in need of hospitalization; this is the same for both local and foreign students; thus private health insurance is what we advise to get for foreign students if hospitalization is in great demand. Foreign students have to call on number (911) in case of emergency and the ambulance will be at hand in minutes.