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Arriving in Jordan

Published on 23-Jun-2021

What are the things that a student must take into consideration before coming to study in Jordan?

When a student plans to come to Jordan to study, there are several things he must take into consideration:

  • Visa and accommodation: The student must check the required visa and accommodation requirements. To study in Jordan and begin the procedures for obtaining it in a timely manner.
  • Housing: The student must search for suitable housing before arriving in Jordan, whether it is In a university residence, a shared apartment, or a host family’s home.
  • Health insurance: It is recommended to ensure that there is health insurance that covers the costs of treatment and health care in Jordan, whether This was through international health insurance or local insurance.
  • Transportation: The student must learn about the means of transportation available in the city in which he will study, and check the options. Available for transportation to and from the university and housing. When you arrive in Jordan, you can move around using public buses that cover all regions in the Kingdom, taxis, and buses. Expressway in Amman, in addition to local applications for transportation services such as “Careem,” “Uber,” “Jenny,” and “TaxiF.”
  • Language: If the student is not a native speaker of Arabic, it may be a good idea to learn some basic phrases in Arabic to facilitate communication with the local population.
  • Personal costs: Must The student must plan for personal expenses, such as food, entertainment, and personal supplies, and ensure that the necessary funds are available to cover these expenses.
  • Culture and traditions: There may be cultural differences and traditions. is different in Jordan, so the student must get to know the local culture and traditions and adapt to them.

There are also several things that the student must take into consideration after arriving in Jordan:

  • Communicating with the university or educational institution: The student must contact the university. Or the educational institution where he will study to arrange his reception and obtain the necessary information about registration and orientation procedures.
  • Registration for the semester: If registration has not been done previously, the student must go to the university or educational institution to complete the registration procedures and select courses.
  • Shopping and basic purchases: The student may need to shop to buy basic things such as food, personal supplies, and study tools, so he must allocate time for shopping that suits his needs.< /span>
  • Purchasing a mobile SIM card and internet: You can purchase a mobile SIM card from one of the operators’ stores Telecommunications services in Jordan, such as “Zain”, “Orange”, “Umniah”, or from any cellular store. This SIM card allows you to use the local Internet, make calls at the lowest prices, and dispense with international roaming services.
  • Choosing and renting housing: If housing is not arranged in advance, the student must search for temporary housing such as hotels, shared housing, or Housing for male and female university students is widely available around the campus in all areas.
  • Open Bank account:The requirements for opening a bank account in Jordan are: a student card, an official ID, a driver’s license, a birth certificate, and a notarized letter from the relevant university. As for the amount of money deposited, it varies from one bank to another, and foreign students must adhere to it.
  • Getting to know the city and surrounding areas: It may be good Spend some time exploring the city and its surroundings to learn about the shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and transportation.
  • Communicate with local residents and the university community:The student can communicate with local residents and other students in the university community to get help and support and make new friends.