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Accommodation in Jordan

Published on 23-Jun-2021

Accommodation in Jordan for students

In some universities in Jordan there are dorms for foreign students inside the campus the university security takes care of. They are so close to classrooms that students can reach their classrooms easily. Each dorm has nice views around it.

International students can reside in halls of residence after the first year, and many students like to stay in these halls for their second and third years.

There are also private rooms and houses which are preferable for most foreign students. These rents are managed by landlords, and these kinds of houses are usually in share between students and a number of housemates based on the size of the rent.

The payments for the rent can be paid either in monthly, weekly, or yearly payment, and the rent is paid at the start of each week, month, or year.

Private rents costs start from $150 to reach 300 per month based on the type, location and facilities annexed to the rent. Also, there are a number of hostels close to universities and transportation system, whereby the price of which is about $250 per month to reach the maximum rate of $500.

Apartments in Jordan consist of single, two or three rooms, a bathroom, kitchen and living room which students stay in these apartments where they are available with Wi-Fi  being included.

Most of these apartments do not have AC but fans, which are good enough to make the room comfortable. At the same time,  you can find cheaper living places in remote areas for just $70 for a single room but bills and internet- Wi-Fi are not included.

The payment in Jordan is in accordance with signing lease contract either on the onset of each month, or in the end of each month. International students should make sure to inform landlords one month in advance before leaving the rent, or students have to pay for the whole month.

Students must check out the apartment before renting so that they can pay for any damage before leaving the rent, as the contract clarifies every tiny detail foreign students must read and understand when signing the contract to avoid disputes, and totally be in the safe side.

In Jordan foreign students have to abide by regulations in respecting traditions and customs of Jordanians, as Jordanians are conservatives and do not like others to interfere in their private lives, or make any contact with females without a real reason that is acceptable and respectful.