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Higher Education System in Jordan

Higher Education System in Jordan

Higher Education System in Jordan

Published on 23-Jun-2021

The quality of Higher education in Jordan is the main reason behind foreign students’ coming to study in Jordan Universities. Jordanian universities are well certified and developed, and their staff is fully appreciated for their international degrees' good reputation.

In Jordan there are about 55000 international students, of different nationalities studying in Jordan’s public and private universities for their good reputation all over the world.

Natural wonders and lots of ruins spread all over Jordan are some of the main attractions attracting foreign students to study in Jordan... If any international student is interested in studying Arabic, for example, Jordan is the safest destination in being an Arabic speaking country considered suitable for foreign students.

Jordan is the 95 out of 187 in the list of worldwide popular countries in offering distinguished higher education; in spite of lack of resources, the Ministry of Education has totally developed equipped national programs, and lots of countries in the region have interested in the way Jordan has been following to develop their higher education, as Jordan is a model role and is the first in the Arab world in higher education.

Jordan is famous for hospitality and courtesy. Having 32 universities of which 10 public, 19 private, 1 regional and 2 operating under certain regulations, The universities are known for setting up – to - date standards of higher education in their programs.

The location of Jordan, in being in the heart of the Middle East, makes it a country available and close for more than 55 thousand foreign students representing about 110 nations, studying in public and private universities.

Foreign students should be aware that drugs are illegal in Jordan except for tobacco and alcohol; possession, use or trafficking in illegal drugs is considered to be a critical crime and can lead to long term imprisonment sentence and huge fines.