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Working in Jordan

Published on 23-Jun-2021

International students under their students’ visas are not permitted to work while studying in Jordan. unless foreign students follow these steps to be able to work in Jordan:

How to get a work permit in Jordan:

  • Fill out the computer application form designated to non-Jordanian workers.
  • Submit a request from the ministry of interior on receiving non-Jordanian workers.
  • Work contract (two copies).
  • Personal photographs (1).
  • Medical check-up from the ministry of health for renewing it.

Foreign students can find many jobs on the internet, or investments in different projects. Before accepting any job, a foreign student must think about transportation system, rent, different bills so that they can estimate the advantages and disadvantages of the new work.offered

The work rules in Jordan are not strict but flexible, and many opportunities are available in Jordan to invest, as Jordan is in need of expertise to contribute to Jordan’s prosperity.

International students must check their different visas to check out the legal investment or work that they can involve in. Visa requirements will determine the type of work in Jordan, so foreign students can call the embassy of Jordan in their mother countries to find about visas requirements concerning different kinds of work.

The minimum salary paid is about $250 - 500 a month. The work permit should entail the experience and qualifications that are not enjoyed by Jordanian workers, or if the number of qualified Jordanian workers is not enough for the labour market, taking into consideration, the priority will be directed to Arab workers: of technicians, academics...

The non- Jordanian workers have to get a permit so that they can be employed or obtained work from the Ministry of labour. The work permit lasts for one year only, then it should be renewed, and upon renewing the permit, it should be calculated from the expiry date of the last employment permit they had got.

Fees must be paid by the employer in return for the permit issued or renewed for every non- Jordanian worker, and these fees are different according to international students’ nationalities; as for Arabs they are less than for non- Arab workers.

Any non-Jordanian worker: A student or any worker shall be prevented from work, or expelled if they do not abide by labour regulations, and will be prevented from entering the country for three years from the date of expel.