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Student visa and Medical insurance in Cyprus

Student visa and Medical insurance in Cyprus

Student visa and Medical insurance in Cyprus

Published on 24-Jun-2021

The foreign students must wait until they receive a letter of acceptance from the concerned university and tuition fees payment confirmation.

As soon as foreign students receive the letter and payment confirmation, they will travel to North Cyprus when they are ready at that time to apply for a student visa.

Documents required:

  • Acceptance letter
  • Flight reservation

Upon arriving in North Cyprus, foreign students will receive a stamp which lasts for 90 days during which students have to apply for a student visa.

After offering their higher certificate, international students will obtain a student card, after which they will receive their program they had chosen before, and then they will be handed over a course of timetable.

Medical insurance

Foreign students needn’t worry if they face any of health problems, or need any treatment during their sickness or injury, because North Cyprus of Turkey is well qualified and quipped to offer health services under the three state hospitals and a number of private hospitals and clinics.

Foreign students have health coverage except for dentistry, plastic surgery and conditions related to pregnancy in the state hospitals. The payment of health insurance is included in university’s fees.

Foreign students can get check-ups or emergency cases in public hospitals and clinics with urgent surgeries executed for free at public medical institutions.

In private hospitals, the costs are affordable in having up- to- date care and treatment. For secondary injuries or treatment, health centres in campuses and pharmacies will carry out like these minor illnesses where medication is offered via the counter.

The facilities in private hospitals and private clinics have suites with internal bathrooms: These facilities are well-equipped to deal with all kinds of sicknesses, in return of affordable prices in accordance with the size of injuries...