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Student visa and health insurance in south Cyprus

Student visa and health insurance in south Cyprus

Student visa and health insurance in south Cyprus

Published on 24-Jun-2021

A student visa is the first thing to get for any international student desiring to study in South Cyprus.

Required documents:

  • Cyprus Visa Application Form completed and signed
  • Your passport or other travel document valid for at least three more months after you Leave Cyprus and with at least two blank pages
  • Passport-size pictures
  • Proof of accommodation in Cyprus (hotel reservation, home rental)
  • A letter of acceptance from thee concerned university

Foreign students are required to apply for a long term visa, the cost of which is EUR 70. The application must be submitted in person unless the embassy or the consulate of SouthCyprus is over 300 miles away from students' residences so that students can apply through their mails electronically, and students have to include a self- addressed and pre-paid envelope for the consulate by which they can have their documents returned.

Paying in person after processing the visa, students must retrieve their documents if the application had been successful, and the South Cyprus consulate or embassy will annex the student visa on students’ passports.

Health Insurance

International students are expected to pay between EUR 400 to stand at more than 500 a month, with the lower end of the price scale just to cover basic medical plan such as visits to public sector hospitals and clinics.

For international students, most of South Cyprus Universities provide students with health insurance plans that will be in effect as soon as they enroll in. Furthermore, students can look for any health insurance plan from the open market so long as it can satisfy the least requirements of the university.

The price of visiting a doctor in their clinics in South Cyprus is about EUR 60, and this is just for regular visits, while the price of entering a hospital for one day without treatment reaches about EUR200.

Students from Non-European countries are required to purchase health insurance on their own, and should cover medical emergencies costs in South Cyprus, and cover all advantages that are essential during studying in South Cyprus.

Insurance plan should undertake sickness emergencies and accidents, besides returning home, ambulance by air, ground, fatal accidents and disability advantages.

Students from EU/EEA countries can have their Home Health Insurance Card, by which they can have the same rights of local citizens, but it does not entail travel insurance, returning home, dental emergencies, for that purchasing private health insurance is advisable in South Cyprus even for EU/EEA locals during the entire stay in South Cyprus.