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Arriving in North Cyprus

Published on 24-Jun-2021

The flights firstly stop in Turkey. There are ordinary flights from major cities in Turkey such as Istanbul, Izmir... to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which takes only from half an hour to 80 minutes.

Student ambassadors will derive new students from airports to their universities, and the International Office operates in cooperation with Orientation program and Public Relations Department to entrench that there are always representatives to receive and help students reach their destinations.

Foreign students are in need to have a transit visa for Turkey even if they go forward to North Cyprus, so they must visit any nearby Embassy or Consulate to obtain a transit – visa having the following documents:

  • A money transfer receipt of the full-time term fees from the bank
  • A certified letter, after receiving tuition fees, issued by the university

Istanbul Ataturk Airport is the most suitable airport linking flights to North Cyprus. If students do not have visa for North Cyprus as they desire to get their entry visa on the arrival to North Cyprus, they must not pass the transit passengers section at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport until it is time to leave for North Cyprus Ercan Airport.

The immigration officials in Turkey might not give students a permission to travel to North Cyprus if they do not attain a valid visa for North Cyprus.

Opening a bank account

The following documents are required to open a bank account:

  • Filling an account form
  • Providing a proof of identity
  • Having a valid passport

Transportation system

There are many shuttle buses of university services in addition to fleets of public and private big buses, besides having  other several means like car rental, taxi and minibuses.

International students can drive in North Cyprus by obtaining a valid international driving license, taking into consideration that most petrol stations are open from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm; however, there are a number of stations operating around the clock.

Internet and mobile phones

As soon as foreign students get their apartments in North Cyprus, they are in need to contact one of thetelecommunication companies, by simply giving them their exact address.

These companies will recommend foreign students buy the best package via your location. They will determine a date for customers visits to inform them all things about prices and types. The payment is retrieved in advance via students’ different accounts in North Cyprus using online banking.