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Higher Education in Southern Cyprus

Higher Education in Southern Cyprus

Higher Education in Southern Cyprus

Published on 24-Jun-2021

Cyprus is going on funding its higher education system by allocating much more money every year to upgrade different universities’ facilities and equipment.

6000 student and above are attending Cyprus’ universities each year, they are from eastern Asia, Middle East, and EU countries. Cyprus has sculptures, paintings, art of architecture which are believed to have been back thousands of years in history.

The European higher education has affected the higher education system in Cyprus having both public and private universities. Cyprus has put lots of money in investment in a higher quality European education system, as tuition fees are somewhat moderate so that they can be affordable. The Island is, furthermore, known for its nice beaches, standardized hotels and sound tourism services.

The Ministries of Higher Education, Culture, Sport and Youth exert much effort to have all universities abide by EU, International and National Quality Assurance Measures and Accreditation.

In Cyprus, quality assurance measures and policies are applied on all institutions of higher education. Cyprus Quality Assurance Agency is the only destination responsible for making the quality Assurance in place in Higher Education Institutions.

Due to the fast advancement of Higher Education in Cyprus, increase in the number of international students coming to Cyprus has been obvious. International students are from the whole word: From Europe, the Middle East and developing countries.

The unprecedented success of Cyprus Higher Education is due to involving Cyprus Universities in the list of the top universities certified and popular worldwide.

In addition, many universities in Cyprus are not somewhat expensive when they are compared to other Europe Universities, as the tuition fees per year are moderate in between EUR1500 to rise up to 2500.

Foreign students can simply discover every corner in any university; the society and every place students may travel to, in addition to living expenses in Cyprus which are bearable and attainable.

Cyprus is a good place concerning safety where females can study while having safety in advance. So foreign students can feel they are at ease in being studying among the population of multilingual tongues and English spoken language, as the environment is welcoming and ready to providing students with calm atmosphere.