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Working in North Cyprus

Published on 24-Jun-2021

There is part-time work in North Cyprus for foreign students, but it is recommended that part-time work doesn’t affect foreign students’ level of studying in the university. North Cyprus’ economy is advancing influenced by tourism as most part-time jobs fall within tourism sector like restaurants, hotels, casinos...

International students enrolled in certified universities are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week but in some kinds of occupations and sectors of high economy.

Foreign students in Cyprus are paid EUR6 per hour, but if a foreign student is from Europe, they might be paid more than that. For Asian and African foreign students, hourly paid work is just equal to EUR6; nevertheless, they are sometimes paid less.

Foreign students can find jobs in tourism sector by searching for summer work in hotels, cafes, restaurants... for the country has huge tourism sector as normal jobs or casual jobs are found everywhere.

The part-time work payment is based upon the place of work; some popular hotels offer accommodation and food for their part-time work students and pay at least $450 per month. Some other facilities pay between $200 – 300 per month.

After finishing studying, some students prefer to obtain a full-time job in North Cyprus, but it is still a big challenge as English language is used in most thriving companies, and elderly people are not interested in speaking English.

Some of foreign students like to travel around out of North Cyprus such as  Germany, if foreign students are able to grasp the Turkish language, they can secure a good job in Turkey as out of North Cyprus, students can find more opportunities while looking for vacancies.

Foreign students of unique skills and qualifications are eligible to find jobs faster than their peers: North Cyprus is searching for developing its economy depending on mastering any new career that doesn’t match residents’ qualifications, but in need of higher skillful abilities, so foreign students must be innovative.