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Accommodation in Southern Cyprus

Accommodation in Southern Cyprus

Accommodation in Southern Cyprus

Published on 24-Jun-2021

There are many types of student accommodation in South Cyprus such as: Studio apartment having a bed room, kitchen, living room and laundry room. The cost of this type is from EUR700 to 800 per month, but bills of different utilities are not included.

But if a foreign student likes to live in city centre areas, the living stays for the same features can reach to EUR900 in payment per month, and it is more than that for two bedrooms apartment which is around EUR 1000 per month.

University Dormitories are categorized either as studios or apartments. The internet in university dormitories is free and fast in speed; a telephone, TV cable with a bed room for each student,  desk, chair, table for studying, fridge, bookcase and all services are available on a program basis throughout the week.

Studio dormitories are categorized into single rooms, double or three to more rooms. They are totally equipped with every facility, having central heating, with optional AC. The bathroom could be chosen as sharing between one or two rooms. Students who choose to live in studio dormitories will be provided with a program involving food, and education courses at lower prices.

There are also dorms called part dorms consisting of one or two rooms equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and living room in environment surrounded by green gardens that are nice and comfortable. In these kinds of dormitories students like to live between 3 to 6 people together. The dormitories are positioned in the middle of each campus to be easily accessed from and to the library, supermarket, laundry,  sport facility, cinema and cafes... These dorms costs vary between EUR 700 to reach up to 1000 per month.

There are also a number of hostels distributed in downtowns of South Cyprus where foreign students can rent for a number of months, the cost of which vary according to types of facilities annexed to each one.

Also,there are apartments but far from universities and found on the outskirts, these apartments can vary in costs in accordance to location and utilities of each building. These kinds of buildings should be chosen in close proximity to transportation facilities.