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Accommodation in North Cyprus

Accommodation in North Cyprus

Accommodation in North Cyprus

Published on 24-Jun-2021

Foreign students can enjoy North Cyprus Universities’ accommodation Services. Living in these dorms is not the same as living in private ones, as foreign students have to abide by universities regulations applied on these livings. The payment is between $200 – 400 a month as services and type of dorms define the exact payment per month.

These kinds of accommodation are nice, clean and relaxing, in addition to not being as far as from campuses where students can reach their classrooms easily and in no time.

There is another type of accommodation for foreign students which are called private residences and flats or apartments to rent. In these kinds of accommodation, the management classified some rules to be followed by students to secure safety and rest for all students.

In these flats the services are offered at higher luxury with pleasant decorations as the same as luxurious hotels, where students can entertain themselves in having internet, flat screen, AC, microwave... and some of them include swimming pools, bus service and cafeteria. The expected payment per month equals to $200 – 500 whereby the location and type of services determine the range of rent.

Landlords are of different methods in renting their properties, so international students must know each detail of terms and conditions of the rent. The contract is usually signed for a year, and most of landlords demand a two-month –payment rent deposit.

Students will pay either annually or in installments in a two six-month, and some of them may want the payment to be monthly. Foreign students should search for apartments which are in accordance to their budget, close to university, restaurants, markets... so that they will have everything be easilly accessed.

In North Cyprus there are many companies responsible for foreign students’ accommodation; as for the first year students can call one of these companies; nonetheless, students have to pay them a commission of a one-month rent if any apartment is rented through these agencies.