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Student Visa and Medical Insurance in Germany

Student Visa and Medical Insurance in Germany

Student Visa and Medical Insurance in Germany

Published on 20-Jun-2021

Student visa

A student visa is given to international students for three months for the first time, then the period of which will be extended by having a resident permit of extra six months in Germany so that the agency responsible for foreigners could abide by the completion of admission requirements in German universities; in addition, the visa can be switched into a residence permit to facilitate the process of enrolling in German universities.

How long can foreign students stay in Germany with a student visa? International students holding a student visa will be able to stay in Germany for the first three months; during this initial period, students are supposed to apply for a residence permit to enroll in any academic institution to study.


The residence permit will give international students a maximum period to remain in Germany lasting for two years; the documents that are required to submit are:

  • Proof of valid private or public health insurance.
  • Certificate of enrolment from your university.
  • Proof of sufficient finances.
  • Valid passport.
  • Current visa, if you have one.
  • Certificate of health (if applicable)
  • Your tenancy agreement (if applicable)


Medical insurance

The medical health insurance costs for international students differ from one provider to another, but on average, it is about EUR 120 a month. The medical health insurance can be attained until a student reaches 30 years old or has finished his 14th semester studying  the same subject.

International students have to purchase health insurance or they will expose themselves to a tax penalty unless they are subjected to exemption.

International students are free to choose any provider offering medical health insurance , but the best one for international students to have is “Cigna” because it has many advantages related to coverage options and prices.

Health insurance is a must for international students studying in Germany during undergraduate and post graduate degrees, but not for students who are achieving their Ph.D.

International students from EU / EEA are not supposed to have  medical health insurance in Germany, and their health insurance of their own countries is valid in Germany while they are continuing their degrees in German universities.