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Living Expenses in Germany

Published on 20-Jun-2021

The cost of living expenses for international students studying in Germany might reach about EUR 11000 a year. This means the living expenses are estimated at EUR 900 a month.

If we make a comparison between Germany and other European countries, we find out that Germany is still not expensive although essential commodities; housing and cultural facilities are approximately cost above the normal average.

The costs of living for international students in Germany are almost as the same as the costs of living in EU, so a student can live a decent life in Germany in having EUR 11000 a year to cover his different needs, in addition to housing. 

Some pieces of advice for foreign students studying in Germany:

Always, students should hold their students cards at all times wherever they go, because businesses and outlets offer them discounts reaching between 10 – 20 % such as: restaurants, retailers, museums, cinemas... 

Students can spare spending extra money by lowering their living expenses in choosing a student accommodation that is less expensive like flat share rather than one bed or studio accommodation. 

Also, prices in cities' suburbs  are less expensive than prices in main cities, but students have to be sure that there are good tram, bus or metro so that it can be easy for them to travel to reach their institutions, downtown and then return to their accommodation.

Students had better look for less expensive groceries, food outlets, and discover basic needs at discount markets: open–air street markets are popular in cities of Germany, for these kinds of markets are suitable places to purchase fresh produce: fish, meat and many other kinds of products at lower prices. 

The low-cost city in Germany is Berlin. By having a Berlin Welcome Card, which gives students the opportunity to have discounts on everything that they would buy, eat, like to entertain; like to visit as museums, landmarks or any key attractions as soon as they arrive in Berlin at any time, is necessary to alleviate fundamental pressures.