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Education system in Germany

Education system in Germany

Education system in Germany

Published on 20-Jun-2021

German Higher Education System is pretty advanced and well established, because the whole education system is so well built and supported, which resulted in ranking Germany 16th  worldwide in mathematics and science. 

International students pay a small amount of fees which are between EUR 250 – 500 per semester for administration and other costs concerning paper works. So the upper education is free for any student intending to study in German universities. 

There are many challenges facing Germany’s  Higher education system, some of which are: The extra number of teachers during a period of decreasing of birth rates, a lot of universities in the west of Germany have more than enough of students having no balance between the number of students and the staff of educators; no enough equipment and lack in financing. 

The reason behind tuition fees free in universities in Germany is  purely related to a political decision taken by the German government; each degree granted from any German public university is realized everywhere which opens closed doors for any future career. 

International students have to keep up on some public safety protocol; while it is a country known for having been safety for students, silly crimes may occur like pick – pocketing in large cities and large crowded areas, in particular. 

German universities are distinguished for their higher education standards above all universities in the world; some universities have occupied a higher rank among the world’s best universities as the teaching process and research accomplishments are excellent based upon rich inheritance of higher education programs. 

The six – semester period is the normal certificate of Bachelor degree concerning arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc), which is internationally celebrated and realized.

There are some universities in Germany which offer programs entirely in English, but lots of them are paid for each course and the fees paid by students are expensive in comparison to studying using German language.

German language is very close to the English language, so every foreign student just needs about 30 weeks, or 800 classroom hours to learn German language. The study was achieved on a group of foreign students who had been studying for 27 hours a week in a classroom.