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Studying in Germany

Published on 20-Jun-2021

Public German universities are tuition fees free for international students, and students don’t have to have been living before in Germany, or speaking German.

The 16 states of Germany declared that all tuition fees were abolished in 2014 but small fees to be paid for administration and other stationary utilities for undergraduate studies imposed on different nationalities around the world.

Germany is the fourth country around the world that students desire to study in its universities, and more than 40 % of students who are of different nationalities come to Germany to study at its universities, as Germany is a destination that is popular and desirable for its higher level of education which is believed to have recent technology, and fine arts international students are interested in acquiring.

Germany is a good, marvelous and distinguished place for international students, in addition to its universities’ highly respected degrees respected by many employers worldwide.

Applicants are required to submit any evidence of German language proficiency the main test of which for this purpose is: DSH, meaning “German language examination for university entrance”. Submitting the test and having successful result will qualify them to learn various subjects in German language which in turn, give a good opportunity for them to work in different countries' facilities easily.

For most courses to be studied in German universities, knowing how to master the German language is a prerequisite for admission to German universities. On the other hand, students needn’t know the German language if they want to enroll in an international degree program; students also can attend a German language course to upgrade their skills in German language.

the international program in Germany, currently, has 116 bachelor degrees taught utterly in English language.

The full list of accredited private universities in Germany

  • Berlin School of Business and Innovation.
  • GISMA Business School.
  • Bard College Berlin.
  • CODE University of Applied Sciences.
  • Deutsche Journalistenschule.
  • EBC Hochschule.
  • FOM University of Applied Sciences, Economics and Management.
  • Friedensau Adventist University.

Private universities in Germany require foreign students to pay tuition fees: they are more than 80 universities supported by multiple businesses, parties, corporations, and some aid is received from Government. Despite being supported by different destinations, they still need students to pay fees.

The fees imposed by private German universities can reach up to EUR / year 27000 for undergraduate studies, and up to EUR / year 40000 for post graduate degrees. Nevertheless, Medical, Engineering, Business and Management programs are considerably the most expensive ones.