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    University Academy 92 (UA92)

    University Academy 92 (UA92)

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    University Academy 92 (UA92)

    University Academy 92 (UA92)

    United Kingdom
    United Kingdom ,England, Manchester
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    Established in 2017, University Academy 92 (UA92) is a public university located in Manchester, United Kingdom.With a broad range of degree programs, it offers a unique academic and culturally immersive experience for international students.

    There’s more to success than timing and talent. Here at UA92, we believe that tenacity, preparedness, passion and hard work play an equally important role. Add commitment, inner fire and the right preparation, and you can compete at a level far beyond your inborn potential – delivering the presentation of a lifetime, performing in front of the camera, or chairing the board. 

    We take our students beyond their potential, enabling, supporting and facilitating personal development journeys to unlock greatness.

    We’ve created a unique approach to learning – the UA92 Target Talent Curriculum – that optimises emotional, social and physical intelligence to realise personal excellence. It’s preparation for life at the highest level.

    No personal development journey is complete without building a love of learning, and developing the knowledge you need to succeed. As well as supporting your personal growth, you’ll also develop the state-of-the-art knowledge and skills crucial to future leaders in sport, media, business and computer science.

    Your timetable of compulsory classes will be straightforward. You will either be a ‘morning student’ in class 9am until 1pm or an ‘afternoon student’, in class 2pm until 6pm, each weekday (except Wednesdays). Your timetable will remain fixed throughout your studies to make it easier to organise your life while you’re a student. Attendance at campus on Wednesdays won’t be compulsory, but you will have remote and/or online learning activities to engage with fully, as part of your course. Wednesdays also provide opportunities to get extra support or do voluntary work, sports or additional personal development and career enhancement activities.

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