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Accommodation in New Zealand

Accommodation in New Zealand

Accommodation in New Zealand

Published on 17-May-2021

Near campuses of different universities in New Zealand, students can find halls of residence easily, or hostels which are fully furnishes, having single or twin – share rooms with a dining hall in share.

It is advisable to have a good accommodation organized in advance, as international students, they could look for a hall of residence, rent a house with companions, or  a home stay which is the best choice for students who are new in New Zealand.

Staying in a home stay gives students many opportunities to make some new friends, and upgrade their English language. International students must be assured that the accommodation they are going to live in is correctly heated, as some houses are very old and in need to be heated, because it is very cold there.

A home stay where you live with a host family, in a separated room, the family will provide their guests with meals, enable them to meet neighbours around and hosts which is an effectivel way to have new helpful friends so that international students can feel they are at home.

It is also a good way to upgrade students’ English language fluency when students are close with a New Zealand’s culture and their way of living their daily life. (Contact education providers for having details about accommodation in the region)

Also, a home stay accommodation is a good place to live in for foreign students registered in short – term programs that leave for them an opportunity to live with a New Zealand family. The cost of a home stay is between NZD120 -400 for a single room every week.

Apartments in different cities are available as well, and can be suitable for any lifestyle. Real Estate Institute of New Zealand claimed in the past two years that the average property cost is NZD 600,000.

Another kind of accommodation is a University – owned accommodation which is a good place for students to live in, as it has a safe, encouraging environment with academic and real backing culture. Sport halls are positioned inside organized so that international students can swiftly access multiple campus entertainments, and the city around.

School leavers, and new international students normally stay in a residential college which is equal to a campus dormitory – form accommodation, and postgraduates are often looking forward to living in any residential college, because they will stay for a short period of time then they either leave, or look for another place to rent afterward .

Uni Flats are advisable for international students studying abroad, where a local host student stays with a number of international students; they are between 3- 7 living together with one chicken, bathroom, laundry and dining area in common.

Studio rooms are another choice available, whereby international students live in a room with which a bathroom, kitchen, and dining room are shared between studios rooms. Accommodation in Dunedin is highly in demand, for students have to bear in their mind that residency is the first thing to think about, and t apply for as soon as possible.

Applying for an accommodation in Ostago is attained by a teacher who will complete a Common Confidential Reference Form (CRCC), or by having two witnesses if a school has been left for more than two years.

The form has to be completed as the application will not be agreed upon until the Accommodation Office has had a copy of it.

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