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Living in New Zealand

Published on 17-May-2021

New Zealand is a – 5-million resident, and of a large space to live in freely and comfortably, making the country an ideal place to study and live in.

A student is in need of 25,000 Dollars a year, or about 400 Dollars a week, except for tuition and insurance fees for almost all vital expenses in addition to multiple entertainments.

International students have to provide a proof that they can cover their different expenses while they are in New Zealand studying, and the expenses are not the same for each student taking into consideration various habits of daily life.

The life in New Zealand for international students is supportive and encouraging for creativity; New Zealand is still new, young where resourcefulness, initiatives and independence are much more taken into account than compulsory rules or tough system.

Students are deeply encouraged to be effective, thoughtful and pliable; for studying in New Zealand is definitely rewarding and entertaining in having students vigilant, active and friendly.

Any student in need of help will find New Zealanders very concerned, and lots of places to head to in times of hardships. The staff in different institutions will exert their best efforts for international students to make sure their periods of staying while studying are stress-free and out of any troubles. The New Zealand government has what is called a code of practice, which ensures having international students in between safe hands, as it covers support, education measures,... and tuition fees are also safe as part of the code mentioned.

A student can read about the code of practice on the: NZQA website.

Some districts in New Zealand are cheaper to live in than others, and by using (Study link's cost of living calculator), a student can calculate different expenses paid daily.

Life quality in New Zealand compared with other countries across the whole world indicates better life, relaxing pace, and ethics in every detail of social life. International students in any city, how big it is, will find themselves near either a beach, national parks or riding bicycles via trails.