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Working in New Zealand - International Students

Working in New Zealand - International Students

Working in New Zealand - International Students

Published on 17-May-2021

A student visa permits for foreign students to work in New Zealand full - time up to 20 hours every week during years of studying, and up to 40 hours every week in summer breaks. Post graduate students can work up to 40 hours every week around the year.

It is a good opportunity for international students to study and work, as it gives them much more experience and aid in supporting them financially. This gaining experience will develop students' skills such as the teamwork, English Language fluency, communication with others, making new companions.....

Students’ studying obligations must be in conformity with working hours, and students should bear in mind that some scholarships draw limits on the working hours’ number a student can handle.

It is simple and easy to have a job in New Zealand for international students, and in the country there are some jobs that are in a high demand so that employers will employ any one showing up: Picker or packer, construction sector, brewery work, tourism jobs, farming.....

If a student wants to invest in New Zealand, he has to have at least NZD 100,000, as well as a business plan that is clear enough, this practical visa offers permanent residency to students whose skills are in being looked for.

The average income in New Zealand is NZD 52,000. The minimum wage in New Zealand is NZD18 an hour for students aged over 16, this includes times of rest, and a student will be paid during annual and public holidays; nevertheless, a student is supposed to pay tax on the money they earn, but international students must keep in mind that lots of companies and employers make use of international students employment.

International students have the same rights of working as any New Zealand resident. Always check the visa you hold and it will tell you what work you can do and what work you cannot.

The university is ready to help international students to find a suitable job, so when a student consult the Student Support Services Office, they can guide them to the right direction.

New Zealand is a great place to work after finishing studying to start forming your future career; lots of international students who study in New Zealand have the right to a post - study work visa once they have got their degree.

You might be able to work in New Zealand for up to three years after graduation, taking into consideration your study choices. These changes in regulations and provisions in New Zealand have recently open more wide post - study work rights for international students who have attained higher level degrees at one of the country’s universities.

Current international students who already  had a student visa on August, 8, 2018, or who had applied for a student visa by that time will not be qualified unless the course they are taking at university push them forward to a qualification degree that is to be considered eligible for a post - study work visa.

For more information about the different new arrangements concerning international students, just follow up on the link:  information on Immigration New Zealand’s website