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Education system in New Zealand

Education system in New Zealand

Education system in New Zealand

Published on 17-May-2021

The education system in New Zealand entails three stages: Childhood education starting from 1- 5 years old, primary and secondary education for 13 years and the last stage is called tertiary education, through which students can choose different of multiple academic or vocational institutions.

The education system is an excellent system approved by international qualifications. Having numerous research pathways and a quality of life that is incomparable, New Zealand has many opportunities to give forth.

International students studying in New Zealand can, definitely, not be concerned and ascertain of a welcoming and lovely people accompanied with a helpful and flexible education system.

New Zealand is a safe place, and international students can get the best education with less expensive tuition fees than other countries beyond the seas. It is very nice to enjoy in New Zealnd landscapes that have never been seen before having full attractiveness.

Just take the English proficiency exam, if you are from a country where English language is spoken as the second language to prove your ability in mastering the English language skills. Then check about your financial means, documents in need, then apply for a student visa online.

If any international students is above 17 years old, and he/she desires to stay in New Zealand for over two years, students are obliged to offer a police certificate to show their good code of conduct; but if international students want to have a course that is less than three months, they don’t have to obtain a student visa, but a visitor one.

After obtaining the student visa, students are supposed to have an interview with one of the consular officers at the New Zealand Embassy in order to assess the application forms, and the visa interview which is the last stage of the application process.

During the interview students must be punctual, prepare for different types of questions, be always honest, conduct a positive body language, and have a real confidence in themselves. So practice makes perfect.

A visa is checked carefully before the interview by reconsidering each applicant identity, inserting their biographic data in the system, taking fingerprints, scrutinizing biometrics, evaluating security issues and required documents submitted by applicants.

The questions that are addressed by consular officers are normally about your business, and who will take the responsibility for your business, property, and house while you are in New Zealand.

Also, they will check every reason behind scholarships granted to some students, so the reasons behind giving a visa should be taken in to account seriously, and the reason behind choosing New Zealand to study...

Students should be confident when giving more information about themselves, their experience, their ability to study and work hard, their academic background and achievements that you have achieved concerning your future career...

Education system in New Zealand is really a success as it is recognized and accepted internationally, it is based on the British education style, it is safe and approximately a free - crime zone; in addition, students can study and work comfortably to meet burdens of life expenses.