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Studying in New Zealand

Published on 17-May-2021

New Zealand is a country having a lot of opportunities in having marvelous sites, seriousness in education programs, safe environment and lovely people celebrating students from different countries around the world.

Research in New Zealand’s universities is of up to date creativity, and a country of using renewable energy to have the environment always clean around and all whereabouts to be out of harmful residues. So it is an attractive and healthy atmosphere country for international students.

Undergraduate studies are expected to pay for between NZD 23,000- 33,000 a year. While medical and veterinary studies are paid higher. Undergraduate degrees last for three years to end.


- Valid passport- It should be valid for three months after having a student’s period of study completed in New Zealand.

- Student visa application – INZ1012 –

- Before the interview, a student has to pay some money for the application


- Good code of conduct

- Personal photographs and biometrics’ photos

A student needs between NZD 25,000 – 36,000 a year for studying highly tuition fees programs, but arts, humanities, education studies cost less than this; but courses like medicine, veterinary and engineering subjects are much more expensive.

Age limits to having a student visa is not an obstacle. The government gives fees – free for one - studying year provided that a student has lived in the country for three years, and is coming from the school instantly to the Auckland University.

Many subjects are provided for students in New Zealand’s universities, and the same is for postgraduate studies: Commerce, humanities, science, medicine, agriculture, engineering...

A number of universities in New Zealand have more than one campus located in different cities, and some have overseas programs, also the country has eighteen institutes of Polytechnics and Technology for professional and vocational studies, besides the training is divided over introductory subjects and complete degree programs.

International students register in English courses for academic education in previous, to formal academic courses. English language courses are available for the whole year and last from four weeks to twelve weeks, but students who are fluent in English language are eligible to do short – period basic studies, or pre – university orientation courses at PTEs or universities.

New Zealand Website for universities gives more details about overseas student - admission requirements.

After looking for an institution and concerned course, a student should complete and return the paperwork; as soon as it is agreed upon, the respected New Zealand’s institution will send a student an “offer of place” letter. After paying the fees, the institution will send a student a ratified “offer of place” letter.