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Accommodation in Turkey

Published on 19-Jun-2021

Turkish universities dormitories

The campus of each Turkish university has its special dorms, which can make the mobility between the university and the dorms easy and comfortable.

To have one of these dorms is very easy and they are easily accessed, just a student is in need to send an email to the respected university, and then they will obtain a room if there is any kind of availability. Private universities give international students the priority to benefit from these dorms.

Governmental students dormitories

These dorms lack privacy and usually host between 4 – 8 students, so they are always cramped and a student will not have enough comfort they are looking for.

Private accommodation

These types of housings offer a number of services for international students: including meals, cafes, sport facilities, entertainment utilities, in addition to tidying of rooms on daily basis and many other services that might not be the same for all of these dorms.

These dorms are very comfortable and ensure higher privacy for each foreign student, but they are more expensive than other dorms as these dorms have been built to be luxurious.

Housings for the youth

These are restricted to young students, their costs are less expensive than others and the bills of electricity, water and internet are included in the fare, and can be offered with no commission paid.

Nevertheless, these youth dorms can lack comfort, as in the first hand they had not been built for students, and need to be cleaned from time to time, but some youth hostels can be found around clean and completely served.


They are more preferable by international students, but they are difficult to find as it takes a long time to have a convenient and economical living place. Also, students might need to buy furniture, supplies and so on ... if the apartment is not well served; furthermore, the subscription for electricity, water, gas and internet is sometimes a tiring process.


Be sure that the owner of the apartment is the real owner by looking at the certified documents indicating the real name of the owner.

Do not rent an apartment that is undergrounded because humidity can be harmful in these kinds of housings.

Be aware of Turkish vocabulary when signing a contract with any apartment’s owner.

Be sure of the different facilities accompanied with the apartment such as heat system, electricity, water, gas and internet, and try to check out the pipes if they have leakage or harmful residues...

We can say that the average monthly payment for any accommodation, in addition to including the prices of food, clothing, entertainment, transportation and cell phone is from EUR800 – 1800, which is reasonable.