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Work in Turkey

Published on 20-Jun-2021

A work permit is a must for any international student intending to work in Turkey even they have a Turkish student visa. It is very difficult to obtain a part-time job in Turkey for foreign students.

For associate and undergraduate programs, international students can work just for 24 hours per week after getting a work permit after a student has registered in a higher education institution in Turkey to have a formal education course.

Turkey has a huge labour supply, as it has more than 80 million people of whom 70 % aged between 18- 30 years old, unless a foreign student gets an offer and a work permit, they will not obtain a job.

A student must submit an application to any near agency responsible for international students’ affairs to get a work permit; the documents required for work permission are: a Valid passport, visa application form and a letter from the respected employer.

International students who have been in Turkey for more than eight years in a row - on a legal basis - can submit applications for indefinite work permits.

The Ministry of Interior and Police Department require international students to pay up to $390 to get a work permit, and about $250 for each application form including taxes and charges.

Free treatment in public hospitals in Turkey, and discounts in private clinics are some of the positive aspects granted to foreign students working in Turkey; furthermore, they can get citizenship and make use of some social and economic programs.

Work in Turkey is in need of  serious competitive international students like those who are multilingual would have many opportunities to find  convenient jobs demanded by a number of employers whose main job market is tourism fields, for instance.

Another example is related to hospitality field. Those students whose major is in hospitality can search for many contingent hotels in Turkey, as these hotels are looking for international students to  recruite during summer, so that they can get a good salary, which is something very thrilling to them. This is why we think the job market in Turkey is very competitive and in need of professional innovative students.