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Student Visa and Medical Insurance in Turkey

Student Visa and Medical Insurance in Turkey

Student Visa and Medical Insurance in Turkey

Published on 16-Jun-2021

Student visa

The student visa requirements to Turkey is to apply personally at the Turkish embassies in different countries worldwide having with them: a valid passport, COVID-19 negative results, a statement from the respected university in Turkey, a clean crime record and the third secondary class certificate.

The costs of student visa to Turkey depend upon students’ different nationalities, but ranging from EUR80 – 90. Countries having an e- visa agreement with Turkey may have their students apply on-line to get the visa, and any student fail to do so may be supposed to pay more fees if they are allowed to enter the country.

The process of visa application could take up to 12 hours, and international students are in need to apply for the Turkish visa before 11 pm, so that they can receive it on the same day.

Medical Insurance

It is compulsory to have health insurance for any student studying in Turkish universities while enrolling in different universities in Turkey with full time studying.

Health insurance cost stands at EUR 100 a year, may be less or more depending on the type of coverage and company chosen by a student as they are not the same.

The visit of a doctor in Turkey could worth about EUR50, but international students can be free of charge if they make use of healthcare project.

The cost of medical insurance in Turkey is 60% less; also the cost of treatment is cheaper than the cost in other countries like Thailand, Malaysia... 

Medical health insurance in Turkey is good and beneficial for international students, and still cheaper than medical health insurance in other surrounding countries, but the quality is in need to be improved in most of the public hospitals in some cities.

Private hospitals are improving the quality of their doctors and medical staff besides medical equipment by having much more money allocated and invested in the sector to upgrade the medical services for better.