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Arriving in Turkey

Published on 19-Jun-2021

International students are supposed to apply in person for a student visa at the Turkish embassy, after which international students have to apply for a residence permit as soon as they arrive in Turkey to be allowed to stay in the country for more than 90 days.

International students having A - levels with a minimum of 3 are allowed to apply directly to undergraduate programs. In addition, international baccalaureate holders can also apply directly.

The Turkish government allocate each year a number of seats for foreign students concerning each program, which international students must find about so that they can estimate probable chances whether they will be accepted. The smaller the number of seats allocated, the higher the competitiveness is among foreign students.

Be sure to have the following documents upon arriving in Turkey:

  • Application form
  • High school diploma (or a paper certifying you will graduate)
  • Transcript of records
  • Language proficiency score (TOEFL or a university's proficiency test upon arrival)
  • Motivation letter
  • Proof of application fee payment (35-100 USD)
  • A certificate attesting you had a secondary school exit exam (e.g. SAT 1, International Baccalaureate, National Baccalaureate, etc.)
  • A letter which guarantees that you have the financial funds to support yourself during your study.


There are typically two application deadlines for graduate programs:

  • For the fall semester: end of May
  • For the spring semester: end of December

Internet and Cell phones

The WiFi internet is free wherever you go; international students can use their hotels’ different computers, mobile phones hotspots and virtual private networks.

Companies working in Turkey are: Turk v cell, Vodafone and Turk Telecom. The most convenient believed to deal with is Turk cell having the excellent coverage and being the best choice for international students.

The cost of the internet is between EUR 10 – 20, so it depends on international students' choice of selecting whether the cheap or expensive, and they can know about features of each kind from the stores distributed everywhere in Turkish cities. The SIM card costs range from EUR 3 – 6 with tax included.

Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account in Turkey needs every international student to offer their valid passport, student visa, student residence permit, a statement from the respected university and student’s address.

Because of its status as an international bank that is popular in Turkey, HSBC bank is recommended for international students to open an account at.

Transportation System

Public transportation system in Turkey is wide and variable: from local buses to taxis, minibuses, tram and metro. The choice is yours to select based on how fast you want to get to your desired place, and these buses' fare is cheap. The buses are available day and night, and satisfying.

All turkey is well covered by a good public transport system even for long distances: There are new high – speed lines connecting Istanbul and many other cities with the capital Ankara; and there are internal flights and ferries and train- renovated networks having lines at a very high speed.