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Accommodation in Georgia

Published on 23-Jun-2021

There are many types of accommodation in Georgia such as apartments which are available in one or two rooms having kitchens. International students in these kinds of apartments cater for themselves.

They have a good opportunity in being independent with total privacy with no supervision. These facilities are close to local amenities like cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and transportation system.

Also, student residences are available where foreign students can meet each other and interact with different people of diffrent lifestyles. These residences are of multiple sizes, the monthly price of which based on location and availability.

These residences are in a house-type environment having a number of nationalities and ages; these student residences are  perfect types of accommodation for foreign students in having been found in economic form with shared kitchens, giving foreign students many opportunities to practice the language  with fellow students out of classrooms.

 Usually, student residences have a responsible office that students can contact if there is any problem or anything in need of any clarification, besides these residences are very close to universities, local amenities and transportation facilities.

For short time stays, and if students would like to be more comfortable by having a much more personal space, a hotel accommodation might be the suitable option for at most a five week period.

Home stays are also available for foreign students who like to learn about different lifestyles and language, customs and habits. By having foreign students live with a host family where they can entrench in their minds everything about local culture, so be aware of the many fruitful expressions in picking them at ease.

Home stays are not close to universities and need from foreign students to use public transportation. Through everyday conversations with the family members, foreign students can basically upgrade their level of language skills, as these families appreciate the deep long lasting friendship.

Dorms of universities in on campus living is another choice for foreign students to stay at while studying in Georgia. These kinds of accommodation having single  and shared rooms where students can live together and interact with each other, but the privacy is restricted in respecting up some rules and regulations that must not be violated such as commitment to specific times of leaving dorms and returning to...

These dorms are concerned with university bylaws. The costs of these accommodations range from $100 to reach up to 400 bearing in mind the type and location, besides facilities annexed to these types of livings will determine the price of rent.