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The higher education system in Georgia

The higher education system in Georgia

The higher education system in Georgia

Published on 23-Jun-2021

The higher education system in Georgia has three degrees: Bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctorate degree. Each educational year consists of 60 credits in the higher education program.

Georgia’s universities occupy a good rank among popular universities around the world, and each year there are a lot of students from different nationalities traveling to it for its brilliant higher education system having cheap costs, and attractions that are found everywhere.

Three are scholarships for foreign students, as they can obtain free college tuition fees. Georgia college students whose majors are in high demand fields can be granted up to $600 yearly as a kind of support under new scholarship program.

The higher education system employ all capabilities and execute lots of capcities in impliminting the three levels of degrees in Georgia, where public and private institutions are founded either by government, or some supportive societies.

The higher education system is used to being in development around the clock by the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement which is the only destination responsible for boosting the quality of education.

The National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement looks forward to being as close as possible to continue cooperation with the European Foundation to achieve Quality Management. 

The purpose of the centre is to be the official partner of EFQM in Georgia, and the NCEQM has got ready in having the partnership document in coping with the European Foundation Quality Management (EFQM) demands and sent it together with the application to the EFQM.

NCEQE is engaged badly in applying the recommendations of Association Agreement between EU and Georgia’s government for the frame work of the Association Agreement is to concentrate on reviewing standards of measures of quality assurance depending on revised standards and key lines of quality assurance applied on the European Higher Education Area...

The higher education in Georgia aims at having foreign students committed to following up on future careers they have been interested in to satisfy their inspirations; when students are totally comfortable with choosing their careers, they will love it and be pleased with benefits and higher incomes, and they will have more opportunities of improvements to add to their future careers.