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Working in Georgia

Published on 23-Jun-2021

It is almost impossible for international students to work while studying in Georgia, even local citizens are searching for jobs; however your qualifications and rare skills can give more opportunities to find a job.

Obtaining a long term visa is as the same as a work permit in helping students get a residence permit after enrolling in a respected university, but skillful, professional and thoughtful students make it easy for them to obtain a job.

It is not easy to have a job in return of good payment in Georgia; foreign students know little about local language, but if a student has obtained a job of a part-time real estate agent,it can save some reasonable package of money but other jobs cannot.

Living standards in Georgia are very low, the monthly payment is between $100 to stand at up to 150 in some cases: The economic is bad as there is no big difference between the minimum wage and national average.

Foreign students are advised to mingle with local cirizens sothat they can learn their language quickly; Learning the language is the path to prepare students for a job in Georgia, and the locals are lovely and hospitable and ready to help to know much more about their country.