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Student visa and Health insurance

Student visa and Health insurance

Student visa and Health insurance

Published on 23-Jun-2021

Student visa

Foreign students should apply for a Georgia study visa: (D3) visa which is stamped on a passport issued for 90 days. The study visa is a pre-requisite of getting a residence permit for international students.

General requirements:

  • Original Passport
  • Photograph
  • An Offer Letter
  • Final Acceptance/Invitation Letter/Visa Supporting documents from Georgian University
  • Covering Letter or Statement of Purpose
  • Photo-copy of Academics & IELTS Score card
  • Tuition Fees Receipt
  • Travel Insurance for a period of one year

The following countries are not required to apply for a visa to enter Georgia, and the citizens of these countries are allowed to stay for a year in Georgia:

  • Commonwealth of Australia
  • Republic of Austria
  • Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Republic of Albania
  • United States of America
  • Principality of Andorra
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • United Arab Emirates

The Best cheap health insurance companies in Georgia

  • Care Source
  • Am better from Peach State Health Plan
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia Inc
  • Alliant Health Plans
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Oscar Health Plan of Georgia

Purchasing a health insurance in Georgia is advisable for international students, as there is no medical health insurance granted to foreign students freely.

In Georgia, foreign students have the choice to buy either local or international medical insurance paid on monthly basis for different packages which are in variance from $15 to 50 just to include basic medical treatment.

Medical insurance should be purchased before starting the semester, and it is mandatory to all foreign students, for that foreign students must ask about their international health insurance coverage whether it is valid on the Georgia’s territories.