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Arriving in Georgia

Published on 23-Jun-2021

Foreign students travelling to Georgia must show their negative results with respect to COVID-19 tests at least 72 hours prior to arriving in Georgia. On the third day of their arrival, students are mandated to undergo another COVID-19 test at their own expense.

International students are divided into three categories:

Category1: Students who are not in need of visa to enter Georgia

Category2: Students who have Georgian E – visa can enter Georgia

Category3: Students who cannot enter Georgia without having Georgian student visa (D3 visa)

International students are required to apply for a Georgian study visa (D3 Visa) which is stamped on the passport. This study visa (D3 visa) is valid for 90 days and is the condition which is prior to having relevant residence permit.

Applying for Georgian temporary residence permit, international students who enter Georgia after having a student visa should visit the Public Service Hall in 45 days after being in Georgia’s territories in searching for a student residence permit.

Opening a bank account

First of all a foreign student has to decide which bank to deal with. Bank of Georgia and TBC bank are the best of all banks in Georgia, as they are more stable and have lots of branches working in the country's multiple places.

A passport is essential to submit when opening a bank account, and a home address; the fees are very low, but in need of a small payment to have a debit card.

Transportation system

During Soviet time until these days , the metro system is an effective facility which is provided by buying a card for $1 to charge it later. One ride is for $0.30 on trains which are available every 5 minutes around the day.

Buses and mini-buses are used to cover lots of places the cost of which is almost the same as the cost of metro system, and the same card is used for small and big buses.

Taxis are working in Georgia at reasonable prices: The taxis are always around but the fare is negotiable, so you should first make sure that the fare is agreed upon, and because of active tourism, drivers make use of this advantage and charge overpriced rates, so a Georgian SIM card can be purchased as it is easier and the only way to avoid troubles when using taxi application. In this case the prices wherever you go are fixed and can’t be manipulated by drivers.