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Living expenses for students in Georgia

Living expenses for students in Georgia

Living expenses for students in Georgia

Published on 23-Jun-2021

Georgia for foreign students is a good choice to study in its universities as tuition fees and living expenses are affordable, besides saving lots of money in having a number of scholarships for superiors and students in need but under certain conditions.

Living expenses will be between $500 to 800 per month in Tbilisi, and that is in reference to different students’ habits. Food expenses per day stand at $ 10, and for breakfast costs, they are cheaper than lunch or dinner. The price of food in restaurants in down town in Georgia usually costs much more money than fast food or food street prices.

Georgia in being compared to other cheap countries in Europe like central Europe, the Balkans, is less expensive on average daily expenses at about 40 % than those countries mentioned.

400 to 700 dollars is a good amount of money for a foreign student in order to live in Georgia comfortably. Living in downtown areas is not the same as living in the outskirts, as downtown regions are in need of having much money to spend on different commodities including accommodation.

To travel from one place to another, a foreign student needs to buy a ticket for public transport vehicles (bus or metro) which costs $0.30,but students having “students cards”  just pay $0.11 for a ticket which lasts for 1.30hr.

For a 10 km trip, a taxi charges about $3, and there are cars which are available for students who would like to buy while studying in Georgia.

Utility bills are stand at $60 in summer, and at $110 in winter; these prices can be less or more than that in accordance to expenditure habits of each student. Leisure time costs are at least between $50 to 70. Not to forget the per year tuition fees which vary between $2000 to 6000.

As we see from details above, expenses are at multiple levels students can handle while studying in Georgia, and these costs can somehow be affordable, but foreign students have to manage their business skillfully to avoid being involved in hardships.